From private celebrations to dealing with racist costumes, here’s how we’re handling All Hallows’ Eve

America is a country divided, and let’s face it: Black people celebrate Halloween in a different way than White people do. Covid-19 only adds to the anxiety. Momentum takes a weeklong look at #HalloweenWhileBlack.

Black people in America have always had an interesting relationship with Halloween. For some, a deep…

His death has led to modifying Minnesota driver’s manual section on gun carry/police stops

Valerie Castile has spent the past four years making sure her son Philando’s name is never forgotten. She wants to replace the video seared into our brains from July 6, 2016, when the Minnesota police officer Jeronimo Yanez fatally shot Philando Castile during a traffic stop. Hours later, the beloved…

My great-great grandmother’s story reminded me to appreciate the women taking our blood pressure and delivering our groceries

A photo collage of a WOC medical worker, designer, and grocery shopper.

Go to any woman-focused website or influencer’s social media platform and you’ll be bombarded with features praising the achievements of exceptional trailblazers and giving a hearty “Yaaaaas, Queen!” to the #girlbosses of today. (I hate that hashtag, by the way.) Those women deserve every bit of shine, but we’re long…

Demetria Wambia

NYC-based Writer and Editor | National Writers Union Member | Girls Write Now Mentor Alum

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