I’m a Millennial and I Don’t Understand My Peers — Not Even a Little Bit
Ryan Holiday

I love your stuff, Ryan. I always feel lifted in some way by what you share, so I thank you.

That being said, I would point out that perhaps phenomena akin to what you watercolor (beautifully) in this piece are not endemic solely to Millennials. I would hypothesize the very elements you feature here — personal struggle for enlightenment, then arduous task of applying such potential to one’s life — are probably the grist of every life lived, from grass blade to human being, birth to death and hopefully beyond.

Perhaps none of us are wholly landed at our peak performance and “success” in life, and when we believe we are is actually a great self-observation point from which to realize it may be time to challenge ourselves further.

Complacency and stasis seem to be as dangerous believing ever that any of us has enough answers about life in this universe to do more than wonder about life arcs of others, let alone judge.