Cardboard Box Craft Designs

Demetrius Naquin
Feb 20, 2018 · 3 min read

Using a few packaging supplies, you can sculpt a wonderful royal castle to whatever aesthetic design you please. These 18 designs will give you a strong template for all that extra cardboard you have laying around. All of these designs are amazing uses of your free time and cardboard. Parents can build these designs for their kids, or make them on their own. All of these designs require imagination, skill, ability, and a crafty hand.

Royal Castle

The Royal Castle is a great way to showcase talent, skill, and create something majestic using spare cardboard boxes. Sculpt it into your hearts content with your own aesthetic. While it may not be big or large enough to actually live in, the royal castle is a cool way to build something constructive and compact for children.

Busy Town

Busy Town is a great idea if you want to create a cool looking replica of the busy town world. This accurate model of the fictional busy town world will keep your kids entertained for a few weeks. Who says cardboard boxes can’t be fun?

Customized Skee Town

Yes, that’s right! It’s possible to build a skee town world using cardboard boxes. Skee Town is one of those imaginary worlds that translates pitch perfect into a cardboard aesthetic. This is an easy way to create a fun, semi-portable reflection of the classic arcade game.

Handy Desk

Your kids will love you for this. Using a cardboard box, you can build a handy desk to do schoolwork, or draw, or use for any other recreational purpose. The handy desk is light-weight, portable, and stylish, which will give your kids a great reason to stay in and do school work.

Washing Machine

You can build a fake washing machine using cardboard. Does it work? Not really, but, it’s a cool, fun concept that your kids will love. It’s also colorful and filled with interesting stylistic designs and knick-knacks. It will fit right in with the rest of your appliances, real or fake.

Colorful Tent

This tent is a cozy, tiny, adorable fit for your home. Pair it with a few of the other cardboard box craft designs and you’ll have yourself a tiny cardboard world in your house of your own making.

Cash Register

Building a cash register using packaging supplies can give your kids an awesome way to simulate owning a store or a business. It’s also an ergonomic design that will allow you to make use of extra cardboard lying around the house.

Sewing Machine

Continuing the running theme of simulating an industry, this sewing machine is an awesome thing to build because of its utilitarian nature. While it’s not usable or real, it can be a cool design for young children in place of an actual sewing machine.

Grocery Store

Your kid can accurately reflect the joys of being a grocery store attendant with this cardboard replica. Fake fruits and vegetables, and a cardboard design make it a fun look into the adult world.

A few other designs: Pirate Ship, Piggy Bank, Rustic Camper, Train Tunnel, Target Golf, Personal Elevator, Drive in Movie, Mini Guitar. All of these are fun, creative ways to showcase talent and make a pleasing environment for your kids from relative scratch.

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