Microservices made easy with Node.js
Armağan Amcalar

I am very impressed by the elegance of cote. Congratulations.

It would be amazing if you could write a tutorial on how to deploy these kind of services using AWS ECS Service (and maybe add native support for it in the framework itself?). I’m sure a lot of people would benefit from that.

Quick question. As it is, it seems to me that cote relies on long-running processes. Long-running processes tend (though not necessarily) to accumulate local state, which usually leads to bugs and unreliable software. Also long-running processes depend on machines being up all the time. So, the question is: would it be viable to use cote on event-driven/serverless infrastructures such as AWS Lambda?

At my company, we’re running a mix of microservices implemented using AWS Lambda and ElasticBeanstalk very successfully right now, but I can see several benefits of adopting cote even in that environment. I’m mostly concerned with start-up times and discovery latency and reliability.

Once again, amazing job with cote. I’ll keep a close eye on it.