I have no weekly goals

“Yoo guys! What’s your goal for the week? “

…answer “ “ nothing. Not that “nothing” was the answer but the other three of us in our cool-nerdy-hopefully-soon-to-be-super-successful-kids group just didn’t know what to say. A week later the guy who asked the question goes something along the lines of “I’m guessing ya’ll don’t have goals then”

But think about it, wtf is a weekly goal?! (quick detour, isn’t it crazy that I can write wtf in a article and not feel stupid? written english has come a long way!) anyways, really, what is it?

Why do we feel the need to have a goal for every single conventional measured time interval in our life?

By chopping everything into weekly, monthly, yearly goals, 5 year plans, bucket lists etc we risk living a super mechanised life filled with dogma and passes/fails ; devoid of emotion, feeling and leaving no chance for chance (pardon my pidgin ).

Much like how Marc Andreessen explains that there are only two goals for a start up (get to product market fit and scale that product as much as possible) I believe the two goals for our lives should be:

  1. First, figure out why you are here
  2. Then and only then, you device a way to fufill that “purpose” the best way you can.

Those are your only two goals.

Often, we rush into other goals like millionaire by 30, lose 100 pounds this year, learn 34 Nigerian languages in a month; before figuring out why we are here on earth in the first place. What happens is that we derive some pleasure from achieving these “goals” without getting any true fulfilment and we find ourselves asking “Now what?”. But figuring out who you are and why you are here, is understanding that you are a small yet important part of this planet and you have the ability to shape things in some way. It means you find what makes you truly happy, you get in touch with the real WHY’s behind your decisions and understand your fundamental world view. When you do this, it becomes clearer what you have to do to achieve this level of fufilment and you set tasks to achieve this goal.

Now i’m not saying be like Jack Kerouac and travel around the world drinking and writing spontaneous prose to unproven deities, what i’m saying is take time to reflect on what this whole thing called life is about for you (and that might mean traveling, writing or whatever it is you do to keep your mind from running around the ferris wheel that we have subconciously defined as our existence). You’ll be surprised at what you find.

Meanwhile,(duolingo says I’m only 13% proficient in french, 20% before the weekend??)