@demianborba I want your #AdobeXDKit because…

Demian Borba
Nov 16, 2017 · 2 min read
The #AdobeXDKit I put together over the last couple of months

Update, January 15, 2018:

The #AdobeXDKit went to @ZaxBit Congrats Zach! Thank you for helping us shape #AdobeXD with feedback on UserVoice and Forums, and for being a great user since the early days of #ProjectComet. Tweet selected: https://twitter.com/ZaxBit/status/947453471091036161

Update, January 25, 2018:

Zach received the #AdobeXDKit and shared a couple of pictures: https://twitter.com/demianborba/status/952950266281713664

The #AdobeXDKit in good hands. Congrats Zach!

Original Post:

Over the last couple of months, I kept collecting some nice #AdobeXD and #Adobe items. Just like I did in 2016, as a thank you note to our awesome community that is helping us shape XD, I'll send them all again to one person. And that person can be you!

This #AdobeXDKit contains:

  • One XD pillow
  • One Hovering Art Director talking figure (please watch this video).
    Yes, the miniature speaks 😆
  • One Adobe sports bag
  • One limited edition Adobe XD Stencils Kit
  • One pair of XD socks
  • One Adobe hat
  • One Adobe water bottle
  • One Adobe notepad
  • One XD metal pin
  • One Adobe keychain
  • 5 stickers
  • 3 Adobe pens
  • One Adobe branded PopSocket for mobile devices
  • One phone/tablet support
  • One Adobe lanyard

How can you participate?

All you have to do is to tell my why you want it, using Twitter, before midnight Pacific Time on December 31st 2017. And on January 15th 2018, around 10 am Pacific Time, I will select one winner in a random drawing from Twitter messages/tweets received containing the hashtag #AdobeXDKit, written in English. To participate, you need to send a tweet completing the phrase:

@demianborba I want your #AdobeXDKit because…

Disclaimer: this giveaway is from me personally, not Adobe. My goal is to find home for this kit I put together over the last couple of months. Thanks for everyone participating!

Demian Borba

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Maker & Learner. Product Manager with experiences as Instructor, Designer, Developer and Community Manager. Working on Adobe XD since 2015.

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