Letter of Gratitude

This is dedicated to Sarah Adrienne

There is a big gap between acceptance and gratitude.

It takes me one big leap to understand and some people fall in between for not quite comprehending the concept.

Just to make things clear, I am not a man of complaint. Life is not a wish-granting factory and I have enough learning about it — both easy and hard ways.

I usually let things slide, even if they fall and break. There is not much you can do when you are going against life, you know. You can’t exactly fight back. You just have to accept.

Accepting it does not mean I’m thankful of it. And that’s where the big difference lies on.

Every morning I wake up, opening my eyes, accepting the fact that today too, I’m still alive and well. Accepting the fact that I still get to work and meet my peers. Accepting that time, turns out, still runs and the universe still expands.

And then, at some point in my time line, you happened.

I don’t remember when you first appeared but as time moves forward, there are more and more points and suddenly you are constant. Becoming a parallel line that moves along with mine.

That was when I learned about gratitude.

That despite the fact that I’m merely accepting the fact that I’m alive, I’m grateful of the fact that I co-exist in this life with you.

I’m grateful that somewhere along the line, the universe arranged us to meet and I don’t think my days have been the same ever since.

I’m grateful for the chance that I get to meet someone whose mind is so beautiful that I thought I got a glimpse of heaven; whose words and thoughts remind me of my favorite city lights at night, and the bluest shade of summer sky, and everything wonderful that makes life worth living.

I’m grateful for the little adventures — the exploration of life on other planets, the meaning of love, human’s ignorance, and the journey as Hogwarts students. I’m grateful for the magic.

And of course, I’m grateful for you.

I used to seal tight my thoughts, put them in a box and marked it as “do not open”. I left it at a dusty attic. Until you happened and I found myself tearing the tape, opening the things I once forbade myself to let out.

The walk is still long and the time has not run out. There are still so many boxes, still left unopened.

But we are in no position to hurry, are we? We still have a lifetime ahead us.

Do you know what makes me realize the difference between acceptance and gratitude?

Accepting is when things are okay. But gratitude… gratitude is when things are enough.

And this.

This is enough.

You are enough.

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