The Trail Game — Tips & Tricks

Bugs, Hacks & Everything

1) Item Duplication (Must Watch!) (Thanks Elleven)

  1. Put items in shelf
  2. Change their places quickly
  3. Take them out of the shelf
  4. Exit & enter house
  5. You have some on shelf & some in your inventory

2) Don’t wait for crafting cooldowns

  1. Put item in shelf
  2. Leave house
  3. Enter house
  4. Pick up item -> No more cooldown

3) Easy quest items (easy racon)

There are 2 spots where you can reach the racon without leaving the camp.

  1. Pinecone valley -> Explorers wood
  2. Sailsbury swamp -> Eel den

4) Always win trades

Whenever you click on the trail, you will be the only person thus you will be the one who earns the most money (0$) and win.

5) Favors Hack (Thanks EggsD)

6) Best Item Places

7) Extra Advice

  • Always hoard your stuff and place them in town warehouse in 20s.
  • Never put anything in archive which you have less than 20 of, you might block other people from filling up the warehouse.
  • Town warehouse sells for the max amount. Ex: I can sell a hat for 5k in trade but 15k in warehouse.
  • Town Chat doesn’t work well, not worth opening (I’ll update when they fix chat).

Let me know if you want anything else added to this list.

8) Lastly

If you like The Trail, you will probably like Dawn of Crafting, go check it out when you are free.

Extra Bug:

OLD) Furniture Stacks (Doesn’t Work Anymore)

OLD) Sugar Daddy (Doesn’t Work Anymore)