Building a world starts with the inhabitants

Have you ever gotten stuck in writing? Did you ever realize, “this isn’t believable?” Did you notice your character lacked in realism, even if they’re a talking animal?

There’s some ways to remedy that – and it’s rather simple. Make a questionnaire or find one.

Personally, I’ve made and revised one over and over, and I’ll still probably change it. Think close to home. What things do you enjoy talking about? What do you do on a everyday day? Now change that to “What things do they enjoy talking about?” “What do they do on an everyday day?”

Here’s my (current) list of questions I use in my writing:



Nickname(s) – Why & How:



Illness – How:

Negative traits – Why & How:

Positive traits – Why & How:

Identity – Why:

Fears/phobias – Why & How:

Ambitions – Why & How:

Quirks – Why:

Morals – Why:




Eye colour:

Hair colour/texture:

Skin colour/tone:

Facial features:

Voice tone:




Family life

Circumstance(s) of birth:


Birth parents – Who:

Sibling(s) and cousin(s) – Who:

Mother/father figure(s) – Who:

Everyday life

Morning routine:

Afternoon routine:

Evening routine:

Night routi

Favourite activities – Why:

Favourite food – Why:

Favourite animal(s) – Why:

Roll model – Why:

Profession/occupation – Why:

Politics – Why:

Circumcision opinion – Why:

Abortion opinion – Why:

Spiritual/religious – Why & How:

Love life – Who, Why & How:

Pets – Who & Why:

Drugs – Why:

Enemies – Who & Why:

Friends – Who & Why:

Clothing style:

Jewellery style:

Makeup style:


Natural vs synthetic:

City life vs country life:

Love vs money:

Fantasy vs reality:

Loyalty vs honesty:

Heart vs head: