#100dayschallenge Announcement

Hey there,

Let me announce my new #100dayschallenge.

In this challenge I am going to do the following things on a weekly basis:

  • 1+ report on the selected c++ feature;
  • 1+ lecture on c++98/11/14/17 (selected conferences: CppNow 2017, canonical talks of gurus);
  • 1+ tutorial on the new course in JS;
  • 1+ lecture on JS;
  • 1+ week from the Andrew Ng course (it is 11 weeks);
  • 1+ report per week on my thesis progress;
  • 1+ report on architecture of web app per week;

My only #100daychallenge was abandoned on the half. This time I will try to achieve it.

Also, the most important rule for myself: do anything from week goals list daily.

Contact me if you want to join me in my efforts.
Or use ‘claps’ mechanism to show your support!