14th day of #The100DayProject. Book block review.

Hi all,

Here are new thoughts from the book:

  1. There are 4 main activities:
  2. Identifying roles. Who am I as individual (son, employee, student);
  3. Selecting goals. For each of the roles define 3–4 goals.
  4. Scheduling.
  5. Daily adapting.
  6. It is important to plan more time for the communication issues, because they usually much more time than expected.
  7. It is vital to be principle-oriented (focus on what is really important), conscience directed (make the plan you want), mission oriented (you know why you do it), role oriented (to understand what it helps to) and context oriented (to understand the whole path and place of exact task on that path).
  8. Everyone plays a role of a manager. The key idea in management is to effectively delegate issues to make them simultaneously executed.
  9. Delegation: Gofer and Stewardship.
  10. Gofer is supervising (like master and slaves, which require stable assistance);
Stewardship is the job with the trust
  1. Stewardship is result oriented and based on: Desired Results, Guidelines (restrictions), Resources, Accountability (standards to make evaluation easier), Consequences (how to value the results/drawbacks);
Trust is the highest form of human motivation

So, that was the end of the block about the Self-Management. Although I am practicing it for a long period already, it was really great to read and learn much more! Thanks to authors of #The100DayProject!