On my way from the bathroom I overheard Nadayar ask the Python class “What do you care about?”

Then I wonder for a second what I really care about. Care could mean interests. I am interested in being a better me and making the world a better place. Care could also mean your focus at a point in time. Before boot camp, I probably cared what goes on on social media mostly Instagram but right now all I care about is getting into the fellowship. Of course as a means of bettering myself and the world at large.

I was going to say all this when he got to my Ruby class but I did not get the chance.

He tells us being a fellow of Andela is all about the fellowship. Understanding that your every action has ripple effect and basically being EPIC:Excellent, Passionate, Integrity and Collaboration.

That is the dream.

We discuss algorithm today. Writing and optimizing, devising a better way of solving a problem, based on the big O notation of the worst case scenario. After which we had Hackerank challenges to solve.

That I struggle with for the rest of the day. At the end, Bukky tells us all to expect a mail from “the recruitment team”. How could I not know this! It came as a shock. And quite frankly I am worried.

This week I have put in so much effort to learning Ruby programming language. I hope I make it past the “semi — finals” so I would double the efforts and make the dream become a truty value.