Getting a reject mail certainly feels like failure, but it is not, at all or at least that’s what every one is telling me.

It is a chance to start over the right way. it is a necessary evil.

If I had gotten in to the second week I might not have made it into the fellowship not only because Ruby was all new to me but programming in it self was all new. I learn fast but apparently not fast enough. There were people who had way better programming skills.

I learnt a lot this last week. I did not know certain things I was supposed to know beforehand. Now I know some but the plan is to know more.

I already applied again and I have signed up for the ‘shelovescode’ program to properly prepare for the next boot camp, which is in three months, where I would be kicking ass.

I am doing this for real.. come June I would be a fellow of Andela and I would keep writing medium blog posts.