Demions — Minting via our contract

1. Explore our contract on Etherscan

Find it here:

Once on the contract page, make sure you double check it’s the correct one.

2. Click on Connect to Web3 and connect wallet.

2. Once connected it should turn green

Once you click connect, you will be met with a popup requesting with what wallet you want to connect. If you’ve connected with the wrong wallet, connect with the correct address and click connect again.

3. Use the “mint” function

During presale, mind that your address needs to be WL’d and you are allowed a max. of 2 Demions ( in the _mintAmount field ) and during public max. 5 Demions — the transaction show that it will fail otherwise.

The function accepts 2 parameters, namely:

  • mint ( = price x amount of tokens );
  • _mintAmount ( amount of tokens );

In the example below, the mint price of a single Demion is 0.036 and we’d like to mint 2 tokens — this calculates to 0.036 x 2 = 0.072 ETH.

Once you’ve entered these numbers, you can click on the Write button marked in blue.

Note: if you were to mint one token, then you’d enter 0.036 in the mint field and 1 in the _mintAmount field.

4. Check the transaction popup

Once correctly filled in the fields, you’ll receive a pop-up from your wallet extension.

If you’ve entered a combination of wrong information, your wallet will tell you the transaction will fail and you should cancel the transaction:

If you’ve entered the correct numbers, you will be met with no errors:

4. You’ve succesfully minted your Demions🎉

If you completed all steps with success, you should now have submitted your mint transaction via our contract — congratulations!

You can go ahead to OpenSea and check your wallet — there will be a Demion waiting for you.

We are here to support you!

Make sure to connect with us via Discord if you have any questions or need help during the mint process — you can create a ticket there.

Join our Discord:
Check our website:



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