Week 2 report

Better than those tools faster!

When I was a cashier, I stayed in the computer room for 2 weeks then I go to the floor. This time, I move to Tool Rental department with 2 days training on the floor then I started my opening shift with extremely limited knowledge. Learn how to use those tools day by day, still, have no time to finish all the training video. That’s when YouTube came in handy. Just search the tool then boom! tons of people on the internet show you what they do! Gracias!

Things I don’t like
1. when the customer doesn’t know how to run the tools and I’m the only one there. I’ll be like “sorry, but I don’t really know either” 
2. tools are broke before customer check out and had to return and pissed
3. (following #2) renting out tools that have no pre-check tag on it, so when the customer comes back, I have no one to blame to 
4. items are missing but I don’t have the authority to order them
5. unable check every tool see if it’s functional or not yet (cause if it brokes and customers are gone, no tell them to come back and pay for it)
6. making mistakes
7. doesn’t have enough vocabulary to understand what customers want 
8. truck is truck, don’t tell me load n’ go or flatbed (lol)

Things I like
1. nice customer (for example the one who rent the tool that didn’t work out, instead of being angry at me, he said “you have a great customer service, I just didn’t think it though)
2. learning new words, like trencher or tiller
3. learning how to operate tools
4. applying the knowledge from automobile 101 class to gas drive tools 
5. pressure washer
6. wheel chock lock

I thought I might not like Tool Rental room because I’ll be stuck in the room and unable to talk to anyone like I used to. (When I was a cashier, I ditched my register to talk to coworker or customers a lot! lol) But I realize a lot of my coworkers came to visit me in my tiny room which makes me less lonely, kind of touched.

One thing I find really interesting is people start to show up in my life and tell me “if you ever want to talk, I’m here” or “feel free to text me whenever you like it”. I mean, I actually don’t have that much to share, because my life is kind of boring… but those warm words are truly appreciated.

I tried to quit because terrible customers made me think “you don’t deserve me” when I woke up at 5 in the morning. Meanwhile, I learn how to operate “4 stroke concrete saw” today, very proud of myself. Then I was thinking if I stay in tool room long enough probably I can learn the whole skills to build my dream tiny house one day.

Week 2 was pretty cool, despite the mistake that I gave the wrong key to the customer so we have two machines can’t rent now. On week 3 I think I just have to avoid reacting to customers’ bad behaviors then I’m good to go.

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