The Era of Avalanche Subnets
  • Whitelist only historically well-behaved Avalanche validators
  • Start with a small set of validators and later transition into a decentralized setup via Initial Validator Offerings, where a new validator slot is auctioned via quadratic voting or private sales. This method increases the stake of a potential malicious actor and thus further disincentivizes any bad behavior.
  • Future validators should meet KYC requirements, which are vital for institutional DeFi.
Daily AVAX burned on the C-Chain
  • Custom VM with low fees, high TPS, and fast time-to-finality
  • Added token utility: Staking, gas burning (i.e., deflation)
  • Fundraising via Initial Validator Offering
  • Ecosystem development: Related dapps co-locate for a better UX
  • Hosting other dapps: More TVL, higher network activity, added coin utility, etc.
  • The increased role of governance coin due to the addition of the network-level economy
  • Performance isolation guarantees the application’s ability to scale and contain high-quality UX, thus increasing user adoption.



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Senior Partner @ MC Ventures. Ex data scientist & engineer, PhD Comp Sci @ ETH Zurich.