Jan 20 · 3 min read

The past year has been a big one for Demium. We made huge strides in delivering on our objective. We helped launch more new startups than ever before. And expanded our scope rapidly throughout Europe. Why? Because we believe there are talented people all over the world and we are on a mission to find them and help them realise their entrepreneurial dreams.

People shouldn’t have to move to places like London or San Fran to find opportunities — we bring the opportunity to you. No matter your background or nationality, it’s our goal to encourage determined individuals with the resources and know-how to start a company.

Previously, in 2018, we consolidated our presence in Spain, with incubators in Valencia, Barcelona, Madrid, Bilbao and Malaga. Then 2019 saw our efforts grow across southern and central Europe, opening in Minsk in February, Lisbon in March, Kiev in April, Warsaw in May, Budapest in June, Athens in July and Benidorm in October. Kudos to our expansion team!

Why these locations? Simple: the Demuim Expansion Index. Our team identified the potential for entrepreneurial talent in these areas, taking into account a range of factors, from quality of business schools and universities, to the sites of big tech companies’ HQs, to the level of co-working spaces and local government support. We mapped this against our ability to find the right resident mentors to join the Demium team and help develop the region’s startup ecosystem.

Ultimately we’re helping local entrepreneurs take control of their own futures by aiding them in creating their own destinies, and helping them find committed and complementary co-founders. Our large network of mentors, advisors, processes and systems make starting a company less risky. And it works — our formula for company creation has been proven.

The success our founding teams have had in building companies is in part down to our ideation process, which we explained in our post about how we generate a business idea. Demium’s Ideation Committee analyses company concepts from all over the world and, because we have a reach in so many cities, our incubator teams can utilise the knowledge of our sprawling network to adapt ideas that have worked in other markets. As a result, 2019 has seen 50 startups launch, covering a range of industries, from gaming apps and online shopping to healthcare and travel.

Our portfolio of companies include startups such as Citibox, which solves the problem of customers not being home to receive their packages; Voicemod, a real-time vocal modulator app; and Greyhounders, which is digitalising the designer spectacles sector. Then on the less techy side of things there’s Cuidum, which deals in elderly care and pairs patients with in-home carers; Tuvalum, the second-hand bike marketplace; and Babyboo, which offers rental products for families travelling with children.

Talented people truly are everywhere, as are ideas, and with our cross-border connections we can help facilitate your entrepreneurial goals. After all, 100% of our startups have received external funding — and not just in the last year, but since our founding. No doubt next year will bring even more exciting new ventures and additions to the Demium team. Want to join us? Sign up for one of our 2020 AllStartup Weekends, our talent selection programme that we’ll be hosting in all 12 locations throughout the year.

Europe’s fastest growing talent investor & pre-team, pre-idea startup builder, connecting the best business opportunities with the best entrepreneurial talent.

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