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We’ve found a way to squeeze honesty out of Facebook

Send Zuck to Congress

As Mark Zuckerberg preps for debut appearance before Congress next week, [Facebook is] trying to minimize any surprise disclosures that Zuckerberg could be forced to reveal at the witness table. (Axios)

Facebook is on a P.R. blitz and Mark Zuckerberg is doing interviews about the company’s data scandal, but those events are still orchestrated by Facebook. They include watered down numbers and workshopped talking points. They’re designed to sell Facebook’s response to the crisis as sufficient, not be transparent.

Want to get some real info? Summon him to Congress. Voila, we get a news dump with some real numbers:

  • The info of 87 million people was probably sold by Trump’s data firm.
  • 2 billion Facebook users have had their public profiles scraped by a third party without their permission (basically all Facebook users). (WaPo)

Maybe Congress should set up a standing meeting with Zuck.