Art is a relentlessly tough journey. Writing that feels like an understatement. Life within itself is tough. We can be all kinds of people right now that we were not at another younger point in our life. Art is this way too, as it evolves with you.

I have small pieces of old footage I shot in the minidv tape days. I play with the images to see what could have been. This is as much an unhealthy process and an enriching thing to do when bored. Its raw but full of story. Flash forward to now and Im fighting to write story into 12–14 minutes of script, which becomes a short. Which is out there in the world, despite not many people having watched it. Its an achievement on its own to make anything in this world.

What every artists needs to remind ones self: This journey called life is unique to you. Creating is a valuable part of existing, I envy the people who dont have the drive at all. I wish I could have less in my head going on simultaneously with life. That every experience isnt put through this filtration coming out as something totally different through my fingers or passed my lens.

I beat myself up for how Ive spent the time on earth that Ive had. Less in recent years but monstrously in younger. Leading to many drunken nights doing stupid things. This is all valuable. As Ive met people trying to write the kind of lifestyle I led and not quite get it. Not understand the welcoming embrace of self destruction. To truly have an almost deadly experience only to have lived and have to recover when its expected for you to be on your game. When I see it in movies I connect with whichever element added the feeling in that put me back in those crazy days. This adds to the flavor of your art, adds to the art something different. Even if many elements are borrowed. I’ll never shoot like Hitchcock but I can borrow some of his methods. Blend his and my own style into something for people to enjoy.

My advice, if what I can give is advice really, is as follows;

  • Have an advocate. Find someone wholly invested in your art as well. Artists are kind of like alcoholics in rehab and need someone to art them forward. I love gear heads and I love people who love good images.
  • Never delay anything. Put it together however you can. Dont listen to anyone who tells you something that damns the outcome of your project. Criticism is fine, but if someone tells you you shouldnt bother to do something you want to do and youre following the technicals you need to make what you want to make, immediately stop listening. Its always too little money.
  • Censor yourself as much as you feel you have to. Id hold eloquence over simplicity.

Theres more, but its all to learn along the journey.

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