Draft in Progress — Worlds Apart


I am continuing this in a free write state. At this point I really don’t know what this is yet. I have general maps for the story and characters. I feel a need to describe the universe we are playing in. I will most likely rewrite the last part. But thats for another time, called pass two. Well lets see where we go next.


If there was a planet you dare not enter without an extreme need to be beaten to death it’d be Khoryuk. These were people of metal. Tribes ran the planet, had since their civilization began. The roughest of the system it wasn’t smart to threaten a “Khorki”, they dispatched each other in record numbers in petty squabbles they’d most certainly die to be right against a “Yeranti”, especially an “Esphesian”. Khorki’s were notoriously bad gamblers as well. They always felt the rush of glory when fighting against odds, needless to say their affinity for violence makes them an interesting subject of repossessing a loan given to them down on their luck.

From a young age they are thrust into a world of metal. Despite their current love for metals and alloys a good amount of their artisans are masons. Can form huge structures with such fine detail in all the moldings and accents that you’d swear it formed that way from the rock. From children they are given the hammer and the sword. The Khorki’s live by simple means. Work and fight. Fight to work and work to fight. Most wealth is spent upgrading ones arsenal, for games of amazing mechanical prowess. A mix of centurion battle and destruction derby the contestants have a wide array of methods and techniques used to take down their opponent. Every perfect sword has a perfect shield. Really a game of chance and instinct for the Khorki. They say to only trust ones own mind in the arena, everything outside can be torn away.

The population all has mandatory military school from age of three til twenty-five. From there you are free to take any labor job you can find, for the other half of the basic teachings on Khoryuk is how to do every basic trade. If you select a specialization you can be an apprentice, unless you wish to be a soldier. Then you are the blood of the tribe, only equal to your brothers and sisters on the line.

All the tribes abide by this, despite the polytheistic nature of the people a decree all the tribes signed declared that for worldwide defense they must all adhere to a set of rules. These were outlined strictly and rigidly, taking childhood away, unionization rules for all labor trades and a heavy tax that kept all this running. There was a mass exodus at this time, its known as “the melting” where many new mixes of people came out of. Its said than many also came into Khoryuk.

The culture itself yields to corruption. All Khorki’s are cursed with too much spine. They cannot resist a challenge. They take on more than they can handle often. Much of the time they are the victims. Many having been killed by people with more numbers and guns than a Khorki can handle. At least one alone.

The games have become a tradition since the last great war. Much of the relations between tribes is civil. The games make this that way, without them nothing would get done. Great Olfrag of the two-hundred and fifth generation Chief of Chiefs declared there shall be games, six-hundred ninety-eight years later the games keep peace. Chiefs have competed and won, whole families have been stomped out of existence at these games.

They came upon the other planets last, purely accidental. They had built a space worthy craft that had nearly crashed. Yet had made it into space and flown past enough eyes to know that Khoryuk was ready to be part of the intergalactic conversation.

More to come…..