Ever Always Changing Always

What I hope to teach people I haven’t truly learned myself.

A person is like art. It constantly changes. Art constantly changes so an artist changes while constantly changing.

I made a promise. I technically broke it. Even though I really didn’t. I made stuff that wasn’t just for me but taught me how to do what I love to do better, since I was not the one to be posting it I do not count it. I also wrote but not in the way I had intended. “Amateur Film School” has 4 sections with maybe 4 parts to each section. Something like 16 posts just on what I think you can do to start in filmmaking. Reading over the titles I jotted when I had this idea I cant wait to write some of these.

But they are yet to be written, video pieces I planned are yet to be made. I’ve shot since and need to shoot more. I made a different plan that makes good on my promise. Probably force an update to it.

Where ever you are in life you should love something. Its not too late. Someone once said to me that if you can still think and dream you can still do what you love. Just a matter of how and when. Working through your adversity can take a measure of time but its time well spent. For me I’d rather have fallen when chasing a dream than idly wait to die.

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