I’m committing to this……

I haven’t bought a laptop since sometime in ’06. It was a netbook (remember those?) that had a beefy GPU for its time. I knew pretty little about machines at that point and honestly could have done better with a non tiny sized laptop. Also, I wouldn’t say I’m a hulking sized person but I’m a big man. I have huge hands that could encompass easily any side of the Hp Mini 311 that I had. Typing was a huge pain in the ass, however less than a cell phone as I’ve recently discovered. So today I, a techie of sorts, bought a mid range laptop that could handle me editing proxies and the short jaunts of writing I need to do to stay creative.

I say stay because I’m committing to being the creative I’ve always wanted to be. It’d be nice for it to go somewhere but anywhere is fine with me. Even the chance to sit in an empty theater, enjoying whatever mess or mayhem I created, sounds like fun. Or even to watch as an ebook Id like to create never sells a copy. I don’t care the destination but the journey has excited me thus far.

Id be lying if I didn’t say I love having an audience. Though I may not have much I have to say reading some people here absolutely will make you foam at the mouth to go and make something. I’m going to go into a “Writers I’m Reading” …… “Listicle” which I almost feel is a dirty word round these parts. But it will be none the less, no sense in denying it. Any read makes me giddy to be honest and “Highlighting” has become again one of my favorite past times, I do miss the actual highlighter though. Office/school supplies…. One can fall in love with such things.

I don’t mean to do any gratuitous patting, but I obsess. I obsessed about this machine for months now, creating insane custom configs and hunting credit beyond what I can pay to offset years where I wont be doing this again. But I went for something sub $1k, didn’t splurge but got what I can use. I say this because if there’s anything holding you back that may not feel like performance anxiety or depression just fight your way through it. Sick and usually indecisive I spent today fighting to accomplish things I’ve been meaning to do. Fight as hard as you can, rest when you need to and get up to fight again.