Let Inspiration take you

I don’t know much about inspiration. I do know that I get inspired from the weirdest things. John Waters once said that he used to read the newspaper and if an article seemed interesting he would write a movie about it. I’ve done this with online news articles. I read alot of #Engadget so many of the stories that come from that are sci fi. But twitter moments did alot as well for me, being able to look through not just an article but in some cases deeper investigations into a story. Yahoo news actually helps this too, but the comments section is zany as hell.

Read the article. Then move onto the next section.

2047, man makes it to Mars and begins habitation. The planet is harsh and there have been casualties that were unforeseen. Coming off of some rocky starts the inflatable greenhouses are finally in full bloom. Several to assist with life support and others for food production. One is set aside for mental stimulation. This habitat is for flowers and large leafy plants with the purpose of relaxing the inhabitants of this new frontier of humanity.

The inflatable greenhouses are a massive success. The fresh martian soil is integrated into the ecosystem and causes a bloom of growth. After time and many experiments a control greenhouse is opened to fully integrate Martian and Earth soils to yield plants grown of both sources.

Ivy’s and other hearty plants are rooted and grow in a peculiar way. Their leaves become bulbous and heavy. The difference in soils samples doesn’t explain this. Time goes on, the plants despite having a different physical make up than their Earth siblings continue to thrive. The plants have a misshapen look to them. All tests come back normal, the derivation of the plant is considered to be a side effect of the new soil. Leaves that are tested have through and through the same genetic make up as the Earth soil plants.

A day comes when one of the leaves grows to such mass that it is found split open. Hallowed. Tendrils are seen in the leaf that were not in younger and smaller versions. The broken leaf is clipped and brought in for testing. Nothing is found outside of the abnormal growth of the hardened tendrils. They seemed to be roots in some regard. Connected to something. Through the campus things begin getting weird. Airlocks nearly completely opened. Offices and doors that were locked are found ajar.

A creature of only plant nature is thought to be seen. Although not entirely. This leads to a panic amongst the human inhabitants. They vow to find the creature to discover whatever secrets it holds and why it wants out. What it wants within. As no one is harmed this is considered a benign occurrence. airlocks have security measures beyond the outer doors that would stop anything without intelligence or clearance to operate.

This article has set off a movie or series idea in me. I wrote all that just from reading the article and pulling in visuals from many of the Mars movies that have come out. The idea is almost fleshed out in my head aside from the characters. I would probably structure it like the “Alien” movies where you had blue collar space technicians of some sort fighting against this plant threat and what it intends to do.

Inspiration to me is something that you not only have to find but allow it to take you. The muse is such a strong force in creativity but you need to be open to it. Inspiration is a drug that leaves you both in control and without a destination.

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