Standing Upon Destiny

What began the idea of destiny? Someone stood upon their situation and decided they had been placed there. That perhaps their entire route to that point had not been of their hand or doing. Maybe that their unfortunate time and place was simply the work of a greater power.

I’ve battled with this most my life. Having certain mental instabilities it can be easy to project that disappointment somewhere else. I use it now to not be so hard on myself. Certain things used to throw me into pits of mental despair, no good fucking reason. But things do sometimes work themselves out. As if they’d have been on this track for some time. That events had been set in motion that would ultimately decide the here and now.

But destiny in particular, seems like its a vision combined with action that some people just have. Like driving, once you know you can do it, you just do it. Everything is your sense of everything. Other people may not have that formula that creates destiny. I say this because I’ve met people at different stages of their lives, great people who will be greater as they grow into this person they will be. I say this because they have this combo. They see something they want to do and do it. As if it was just a matter of doing it. That is a talent on its own. I can never be that person at all times, envy their capabilities.

I wonder if the first person to understand and utter destiny had true vision or was just kidding themselves. Not that an origin determines the outcome. But it’d be handy to know, that what started a lie has become true. That we meek creatures manifested manifesting into existence, that we created destiny to then let loose our reigns to contain it.

Some things will lay in your way on the path to where ever we are all going. These things will be sometimes difficult to overcome. They may take a memory to get around these problems you were bound to have in this journey, the memory of whatever was taught to you. Either self inflicting or influenced from the outside this lesson is here to teach you time and time again that age can be a thing of value when its wisdom flies at you. Use it. Use it again.

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