Is Trump Purposely Sabotaging His Campaign?
Michael Moore

This sounds utterly plausible given the teetering of Trumps businesses on loose ideas. I don’t think that’s the strategy now as much as get every groups hatred behind him. Because sadly we are a country of haters. Also with the way news is now he can offend and apologize within a period, social media will run that incident through its paces for longer than the major news outlets will. So the conversations can stay confusing, someone can stay relatively out of the whole thing but get the parts they like depending on how and where they follow information.

As much as the presidency is hard work there have been quite a few that did Jack shit for a good amount of their time. Trump knows this, I think it’s what he’s vying for. Also every president has set himself up post presidency in some way, he is also hedging on that since he seems to rise phoenix like from bankruptcy once a generation.

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