Why Britain is not a democracy — and how it could become one

The word democracy comes from the Greek language and means “rule by the people”. In Britain, we are said to be a representative democracy whereby we the people, elect our politicians to represent us and make decisions on our behalf in our own best interests. When we consider that just 24.7% of those eligible to vote in the 2015 general election chose those whom now hold government and one third of us, for whatever reason chose not to elect any politician to represent them, the assertions of all politicians, media and so called “free press” outlets that Britain is a democracy, simply does not hold any credibility. Add in the fact that during the election campaigns, politicians can and do make all kinds of promises about what they will do if elected and then find a convenient excuse for not carrying through with their promises once in power. The pre 2010 election promise made by David Cameron that if he is elected prime minister there would be no more top down reorganisations of the NHS being an excellent example, as through the Health & Social Care Act 2012 we have seen the abolition of the NHS as we knew it in England and the biggest reorganisation it has ever seen. If Britain were a true democracy, we the people of Britain would have the means available to hold David Cameron and his government to account for this fact, but as it stands, we are seemingly powerless to do anything about it, as our pleas and objections fall on deaf ears. In reality, the over 200 parliamentarians with recent past or present financial links to companies involved in healthcare and all were allowed to vote on the Health and Social Care bill, turning it into an Act yield substantially more power than the almost 65 million people of Britain.

In line with the infamous “time honoured tradition of politicians being less than honest” which could never exist in a real democracy, David Cameron, George Osborne & the vast majority of all 650 members of parliament, 851 non salaried members of the house of lords, as well as the representatives of our media and so called “free press” agree with Cameron & Co’s “there is no alternative” ongoing rhetoric about the governments program of austerity since 2009. In point of fact, there is and never was any need for austerity, because the chancellor of the exchequer has the power to issue both debt and interest free money and the precedence for this was set in 1914, when then chancellor Lloyd George issued the Bradbury pound, therefore, there is and never was any need for our true current national debt of £4,800 billion as indicated in the text paragraph within this link.

These are just two very quick and simple examples I put forward as evidence to my assertion that Britain is not a real democracy and many more examples are available in the recommended reading list at the bottom of this article. However, I suggest that no further reading is necessary, as we all know in truth several examples of our own. So this raises one fundamental question, what can be done about it? And in answer I suggest that we are all, or at least the vast majority of us are looking in entirely the wrong direction for a solution and this is, our current politician system and our politicians. In truth, our politicians do not actually yield any real power and are there for the sole purpose of causing a distraction to what is really going on. Scratch just below the surface and it is clear for all to see that the real decision makers in Britain are the permanent secretaries, through the banks, corporations and institutions that they control. The entire entity of parliament, along with most of it’s at least £840 billion spend in 2014/15 exists to fool the people of Britain into believe that we live in a democracy and we are therefore faced with a choice. Either:

  1. Continue participating in the game that can never be won
  2. Create and build our own British society in the design of our choosing