Trump cash

Trump has made appointments, but that is a topic for tomorrow. Spoiler alert: they’re horrible. As atrocious as his choices are, there is another matter at hand that is even more pressing. Trump is about to drag the nation into years of constant scandal with his corporate dealings.

Various media outlets have reported that there are over 500 LLCs under the Trump umbrella. Each and every one of those offer a potential conflict of interest. It’s unconstitutional for any government official to accept personal gifts from a foreign government. Even the president has to adhere to this one. Mr. Trump has already bucked tradition by hiding almost all of his financial information from the public during his run for office. And since the public didn’t punish him for that with an electoral defeat, there is little reason to believe that he will start fearing that same public now. This is the man who claimed he could murder someone and not lose any support.

It’s also been reported that he has at least one outstanding loan from the Bank of China. It’s important to remember those reports about Mr. Trump not being able to borrow from domestic banks due to his horrible borrower rating. After his bankruptcies he was forced to look for funding abroad.

His own son back in 2008 made mention of the influx of Russian capital after their bankruptcy. More on the Russian connection in a minute.

With every tie to a foreign lender, Mr. Trump is begging for cries of corruption. Would anyone be surprised if he softened his position on China? He’s already done the same on other issues. What if we learn down the road that the Bank of China lowered his interest rate? Did that affect his decision?

What about the properties he owns in other nations? Would it affect the public trust if we learned that he received preferential treatment in either new development or taxation of current developments?

Every time he engages in foreign relations, so long as either he or his children remain in charge of his financial empire, the public and the media will wonder if he is putting “America First” or Trump first.

If Trump University and the Trump Foundation are any indication of his moral compass (not to mention the absolutely sad amount of other moral improprieties we know of), then the answer is the latter. This is a man who has routinely used his foundation like a piggy bank, even going so far as to give to a political campaign from it, which is illegal. Keep in mind that he doesn’t give to his foundation. Others do and then he gives to charities as if the money was from him. The political contribution may well have been a bribe, paid for by his foundation, using money that was supposed to be for charity.

So this is the man whose children tell us to trust them that there won’t be any conflicts of interest between the Trump business empire and the Trump Administration — a man that just settled a lawsuit against his fake university for millions of dollars and a man who runs a sham charity that he used like a personal checkbook on more than one occasion.

And then there is Russia. There are so many Russian connections in all this. There is his former campaign manager, Paul Manafort, who resigned amid a scandal that he allegedly received millions in cash from the former Russian puppet leader of Ukraine. Manafort had in the past worked for Kremlin backed strongmen in near the same capacity that he worked for Trump. There is the man that Trump just nominated as National Security Advisor, Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn. He’s given paid speeches in Russia and seems to have a very warm and fuzzy opinion of Russian dictator Vladimir Putin. There is the Russian money that flowed into the Trump organizations in 2008, a fact that Trump’s son admitted in an interview back before it his daddy decided he wanted to drag America into the gutter.

And WikiLeaks… It’s hard to forget that they became a Russian puppet during the campaign season. I’m not denying or debating the veracity of some of the leaks, I’m just pointing out that the leaks were one sided. There wasn’t even an attempt to cover up that the Russian hacks of the DNC and Clinton campaign were used in an attempt to influence the election.

So we’re supposed to trust the man when he and his children say there won’t be any conflict of interest.

I’m sure it’ll be fine…