Photography: Try, Adapt, Persist

It is about photography, especially photography with traditional film camera instead of digital camera.

Yes, I have an old soul living inside me. Not because I hate convenience, however it is too convenience to use the gadget that can quickly and easily be viewed and deleted from the SD card. I love the film being processed by time, by some waiting moments. it changes my mind on viewing the images once it has completed the development from the film studio or from my hands for those black and white films.

Trying several films from 2007 (when I started to work), such as Fuji RDP III, Fuji Provia 100F, Fuji RA, Solaris 100, Ilford 100, Kodak ERP64, Fuji RVP 100, AGFA Vista, Fuji RVP 50, Lomo Red scale, Lomo X-Pro Slide, Kodak Tri-x 400, Arista 400, Lomo Negative 400, AGFA APX 100, Lomo 800, AGFA 400, Kodak Gold 200, Kodak Gold 400, Fuji Xtra 400, Kodak Elite Chrome 100 (EB3), AGFA CT.

After trying so many films and seeing its result, filter so many brands and finally, I adapt 3 films as my ordinary basis:

  1. Kodak Tri-x 400: it is black and white film. I use this film most on my Leica M6. as mentioned earlier, an old soul inside me, Lecia should use B&W film to display the pure black and white image. let the image speaks.
  2. Kodak Elite Chrome 100 (EB3): it is Color film. I use this film most on my Lomo LC-A+ while I go travelling. Processing this film by cross-processing way to get the great contrast color and strong impact to the image. this film as been terminated on 2015 so I purchased a lot to store in my place.
  3. Fuji X-tra 400: it is Color film. I use this film most on my Lomo LC-A+ on daily basis. I bring LC-A+ everyday on the side-pocket of my backpack in order to get the camera quickly on my hand and shoot the target. the color is nice and very stable. I currently have 200–300 rolls in my place for my daily shooting.

I can finish shooting 2–3 roll every week at Lomo LC-A+.

I can finish shooting 2–3 rolls in several hours at Leica M6 if I go out shooting on purpose, such as going to the temple and shooting the prayer/visitor/place or traditional fish market at Penghu, Taiwan.

Recently, Kodak announces the Kodak Ektachrome Film back to market by this quarter 4, and it is really an exciting news for those professional/amateur photographers.

Averagely, I shoot minimum 150 rolls or more per year and I expect to keep this path and persist the photography with those amazing films.

Let’s keep using film!