When we ask people to appear in customer testimonial videos, we get one of two responses: “YES! Now I can start my IMDb page.”

And the others that say, “Uh, sure? I don’t really want to, but I like you guys, so … I guess I’ll do it.”

Customer testimonial videos are important. Like, really important. Like so important, marketing expert, Andy Crestodina of Orbit Media Studios talks about how important they are:

“Video testimonials are without a doubt one of the most powerful pieces of content you can put on any website.”

With the increase in online shopping…

“Video testimonials are without a doubt one of the most powerful pieces of content you can put on any website.”

My name is Andy Crestodina and I’m the Co-Founder and the Strategic Director of Orbit Media Studios, which is the web design company here in Chicago.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and it’s the art and science of ranking high in search and attracting visitors to your website.

How does video help SEO?

Google likes pages that when visitors click to visit them, the visitor doesn’t leave right away because that’s a sign of the page is good quality. So, one of our…

Videos used to be shot with someone holding a camera, then came tripods, then came monopods, then came PAs, then came a thousand other pieces of technology but nothing has REVOLUTIONIZED the way overhead videos are shot…until now.

We’re going to talk about the three Cs: Creativity, Complexity, and Cost in animated videos.

Today, I’m mainly going to focus on Complexity in animation. It’s quantitative yet ignored, which makes it interestingly different from Creativity and Cost, but all three are very connected.

What do we mean exactly? Complexity is often seen as something subjective, but in the animation world, it’s pretty easy to measure because it’s more labor intensive — more billable hours for the creative talent. However, because of its subjectivity, it’s easily overlooked.

So, let’s get the important thing out of the way. Creativity is…

This is probably what you’re thinking, “Another ‘tech trends to watch for in 2017’ list. NEXT!” We know, we know, but we couldn’t help it. 2017 is going to be a big year for video technology. With phones having amazing cameras and interactive video adoption on the rise, video for business is entering a new era. Because of this, we asked top video marketing experts to share with us what they think will be a big deal in 2017.

Video Tech Trend #1: Over-saturation of fads with the help of smaller and easier-to-use devices

Here’s a snippet of a conversation that we’ve been having a lot recently:

“We don’t want to skimp on the creativity or quality but….”

[Demo Duck team holds breath]

“…we need this video done in a month.”

Now, a month for a video for your business isn’t an unrealistic request. In fact, we’ve created many videos within this timeframe. The issue is that it often means having a relatively lengthy conversation with the client, to talk about how everyone will need to operate to get this done.

Quality takes time…there is no doubt. But we’ve found that if we…

Suwanee’s 2020 Vision Storefront Ad

As a creative agency, we often think that in order to come up with a really creative idea, it has to be something that no one has done before. It needs to be new and original. However, some of the most creative ideas are born out of stolen ones (something a few famous people are credited for saying), so why shouldn’t we apply this to business? Lucky for you, we scoured the internet to see how different industries are using video in their strategy and found six great ideas worth stealing.

1. A utility company using video to improve customer service

Cell phones bills can be complicated. Between all the…

When you build a website, you typically don’t just code up the homepage and call it quits. More likely, you’re building out additional pages that give extra detail about you, your products or services, your customers, and your industry. We think the same should be true with video.

Plenty of companies out there slap a video on their homepage and call it quits. But a homepage video, explainer video, or whatever you prefer to call it, is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. Video, like a website, can be used to establish and humanize your brand, educate customers, teach…

So you’re sold on a video for your business, but need some help convincing upper management because they don’t want to spend the time or money on something as “frivolous” as video. Well, here at Demo Duck we wanted to help you rally the powers at be behind a new video project.

Below are some typical objections you may hear from your boss and ways to combat them. …

Views. Shares. Click-Throughs.

A lot of people look at those three metrics and feel like only the first two actually relate to video marketing. Click-throughs would be great but that most likely won’t come from web videos for your business.

For click-throughs you need banner ads, paid keywords, or social media posts. After all, the reason that you mention your URL at the end of the video is so people will type that address in their browser and find you that way, right?

Maybe in the past but times they are a-changin’! Nearly every video host out there (Wistia, YouTube

Demo Duck

We make videos for any mission. www.demoduck.com

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