Astroquizzical: Why doesn’t a globular cluster collapse?
Jillian Scudder

So much is being written about ‘Gravity’, but nothing is being written about what ‘Gravity’ actually is. Scientists speculate about things like ‘Fabric of Space’, Gravitation, Wave Theory, Multiverses and what not, but I as a layman, still have not an inkling how or why Gravity grips a body composed of particles and draws it with a centripetal force towards the center of a celestial body like a planet such as ours. You have written a great article, particularly stated that ‘Because the star has enough energy to keep moving forward, the tug of gravity won’t be able to haul the star to the center of the cluster.’ What eludes me is how can Gravity grip the star to haul it to the center?

Gravity can not be magnetism or an electromagnetic force because it even grips a piece of wood, or a leaf or a rock. The Higgs boson adds mass. Is gravity some kind of Boson or is it a wave as we normally understand.

I did like your article very much, and it practically explains how thing happen in the star clusters and explains why everything tends to being circular, except that confounding WHY! Thank you for writing this article in a simple way, and I am sure it will be helpful in avoiding the pitfalls of implausibility for me, since I am an author who is writing Science Fiction novels with interstellar and interplanetary travel and adventure as their themes, and I do try to retain at least a minuscule element of plausibility in my writing. By the way I firmly believe that there are other habitable planets in our galaxy and many more in the Universe, and it is plausible for mankind to migrate to a new world and arrive within one’s own lifetime. I wish the scientists would hurry up and let the cat out of the bag about spontaneity, entanglement and teleportation!

Thank you Doctor for this article

Deepak Menon (India)

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