“Don’t know where you live or where you are from”
Shingai Samudzi

It was not intended to be anti immigrant. You came to that conclusion. I have friends and relatives who are all races and have interesting names. I have grand parents and some other relatives that were immigrants. . . from a country whose people received much prejudice during the timeframe that they immigrated.

I dont know about visa status restrictions. In fact I did not know that you were an immigrant and I certainly dont think you could say it was a rant. I wrote as I would write to a native — to my neices and nephews who dont want to take a chance or explore alternatives. Obviously you have taken a chance by leaving your native land. I dont have an answer for you bec ause your circumstance and frustration is unique to you. However, it seems like you are defeating yourself with stats and facts that dont offer a solution — -only despair. Many immigrants of the past faced similar difficulties. Perhaps reading about them can give you a historical perspective and some solace.

As for the $1,000 being $7,000 today, you have to think of the salaries at that time — I earned $35 a week as a cashier (1967); $40 a week as a proof reader (1968) which was two of many jobs I had while in college but perhaps the best paying jobs for the time and the place I was in.

I agree higher education has gone up considerably and that is clearly on the shoulders of the academic world which I have disdain for in recent decades and I have spoken against the abuses. But the students have to rebel against the administration, faculties and big business that has even taken over selling used books. In the liberal arts classes, the same text was used for years — now a new turn over very frequently usually written by an in house professor (making money off of students). We use to be able to stand in front of the bookstore and sell our own books ! I am amazed that today’s students will rebel against all sorts of things and people but not against the cost of tuition and associated expenses. This is a subject that would take pages so I will stop this ranting.

I regret that you took offense and wish you the best.

PS- Try to read some American immigrant history/stories.