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Reading the comments here and on FB groups, I think that one of your point is simplified (the language aspect): Montreal — an probably the province in general — has a bigger problem than that, it’s about the identity.

Montrealers are always comparing themselves. Starting with Laval, then the rest of Quebec, Canada and then the US. That comes probably from your french roots (no joke here). The quest for always looking at your own belly and completely losing objectivity while it’s so easy to realize that so many things are wrong (transportation, taxes, health — it’s not free, it’s being taken from your salary — government, corruption).

All this energy spent, arguing that Montreal is better than the rest for X, Y reason, could be put in either analyzing the situation (what you did + Sylvain Carle) or finding solutions and acting (what J.Smith is doing by not giving a fuck). The potential is there, just not used.

Montrealers, please stop comparing to other cities — just be inspired — , your are nice and smart people, no need to compare. And you can have your own identity with multiple languages, cultures and people coming from different continents.

Shortly, you know how much I agree with you already.

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