For Parents of Strong Daughters Everywhere …

I can finally say I am the mother of a child who, like other entrepreneurs, built an eCommerce empire on a computer out of a bedroom. Getting her to adulthood so she could begin exerting this level of focus and success in life, however, was without a doubt the most challenging job I have ever taken on.

Without ever knowing my story or meeting me, some who have read and reviewed my daughter’s New York Times best seller, #Girlboss — her treatise on the crooked road she traveled before she found her path to success — labeled her a parenting failure. What they don’t know, however, is that a day does not go by where I am not busting-buttons proud of who my daughter was during her “grunge” days as well as who she is now. Her penchant to see life from the other side of her upper middle class fence was a choice. It was scary to watch from a distance, but the difference it made in her life is off the charts, making her appreciation of what she has accomplished so much more meaningful.

I invite to you go to, read both my PsychologyToday blog posts as well as my personal ones and see if you or someone you know may benefit from them. And I invite guest bloggers to submit their posts on important related topics and link their parenting blogs to my own. My goal with this blog is to help moms and dads everywhere raise confident, ceiling-shattering girls and dispel stereotypes handed down to them.

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