Reimagining Open Science Through a Feminist Lens

A critical approach to open science

See Improving Adaptive Capacity with OCS and Participatory Governance Project (Colombia and Costa Rica) Read the full article here.
See Can Open Science Meet Social Needs? Project (Argentina) Read the full article here
See Local Conservation and Development with OCS Project (Lebanon). Read the full article here

Is situating openness enough?

1. Open science as a strategy for risk and harm reduction

See full article here

2. Open science as the practice of expressing informed consent and refusal

See Virtual Herbarium as OCS Infrastructure Project (Brazil)

3. Open science as a process to address our non-innocence and responsibility

Towards Inclusive Infrastructures


  1. The Technoscience Research Unit at the University of Toronto is a home for critical and creative research on the politics of technoscience.
  2. Civic Laboratory for Environmental Action Research (CLEAR) is a feminist, anti-colonial lab specializing in monitoring plastic pollution.

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Denisse Alejandra

Denisse Alejandra

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