Soft little buddies is an educational project on basic electrical circuits. It’s focused on learning by playing.

Soft circuits? These are electrical circuits made with flexible conductive materials such as conductive yarns and fabrics combined with standard electronic components such as lights, batteries, switches, and sensors.

It also involves play-dough and potatoes for the first and more experimental stage.

After understanding how a circuit works and its components, kids create their own characters and design the main circuit.

Then we use laser-cut technology to cut those characters on rubber. …

Improving commuting and having fun in public transport.

This project was born inspired by people who fall asleep in public transport. It is so frustrating to lose your stop.

So, one day we were discussing this with some friends when someone claimed— I should ask someone to wake me up when I’m next to my stop. And that’s how S.A.M. was born.

Raising awareness about pollution.

No-Eh! is a project to help parents to teach their children about the effects that chemicals and radioactive waste have on animals.

It is a collection of soft plush and reversible toys. However, these are not ordinary animals, they are mutant animals.

After our first workshop at iúnigo maker space it was clear that in order to boost peoples’ engagement, we needed to show them what they were capable of doing. So, we challenged the participants to think about something that could solve their day-to-day problems. It was then when Carolina Bernat said— I want pots to tell me when I have to water them-. Everyone thought — Yeah, me too.- So, we decided to make a Smart pot workshop.

The whole thing was divided into 4 events; introduction to electronics and Arduino, play with sensors, 3D modeling and printing, and last…

It all started one year ago when I asked a group of coworkers if they were interested in hardware. Little we knew that that question would end up turning into an actual maker space. We four soon became close friends and presented the idea to the company leaders. So, after a couple of months, we began building our beloved space.

Den Rey

I’m a Product Designer who loves finding elegant solutions to problems through my passion for experimentation.

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