Welcome to the Alt-Fact Administration
Berny Belvedere

“Alternative facts”

“We can disagree on different facts”

I am old enough to have seen and heard all kinds of garbage eminate from the mouths of politicians and their spokesmen, but my goodness! I have seen a level of GroupThink that makes me shudder. In the very short time the new administration has been in the news — I wonder if “the media” will ever self-police and just stop being their unwitting-yet-willing publicity machine — we have heard lies borne as truth and unsubstantiated statements made as the basis for high-level, expensive action.

The world is in for a shocking, unpredictable, constant barrage of outrageous claims, cries, and punches in the face by these new officials. We are about to see the Richard Nixon era all over again, only without his polish and makeup to hide his flaws. This new president will become what he sees as our Benevolent Dictator, ruthless, cunning, and focused in what he does to us.

It begins with alternative facts from their alternative reality.