my prophecy was off by a factor of 25 insane tweets, nine impeachable offenses, four treasonous acts, one damning FBI memo, and an as yet undisclosed sex scandal involving the president and a top White House aide.
My Prediction That Trump Will Resign By August 18th Has Been Revised To July 15th
Allan Ishac

And oh, yeah. There is that pesky special counsel appointment. A guy who was the FBI director for 12 years. Ten years plus a 2-year extension.

Uh huh. July sounds good. This prez will get tired of nobody giving him the loyalty he demands, will continue hating the fake news media, will get a special deal from BroPutin, and will quit

And we will be left with Prez VP and a whole different batch of problems. Pence is not a more moderate person; he is just a smoother, more experienced politician.

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