Me: Too Tall and Too Pretty to Get a Date
Charlie Sierra Bravo

In fact, some of the things I have already removed from my profile are that I have an MBA from an East Coast University, and for my regular job I fly a big-ass jet all over the world as a Captain.”

For the life of me, I do not see why any of this would be intimidating to any male. Oh, wait. We males are ALL intimidated by women. It started when we were first spanked by our mothers and moved on from there. Add beauty, height, academic, and professional achievement to the mix and it becomes a sad, sad story.

I am glad you got off dating sites. Over the years, they have become repositories for trolls and liars; in other words, the ‘Matt’s’ of the world— I know. I was the victim of one such date with a woman who, in addition to turning out to be a smoker, was not even the same one whose photos were on her site.

PS. For reference, I am a retired FAA inspector and manager and a long-time big airplane pilot, too.