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This administration is filled with three kinds of appointees:

Billionaire Wall Street moguls (so much for draining the swamp, eh?);

Fervent ultra-religious Christian zealots (looking at you, Dr. Tom ‘I Know What Women Want’ Price);

People who know nothing about the Departments they head (here’s to you, Dr. Ben ‘Goodhands’ Carson and Betsy ‘Amway’ DeVos)

The big problem is that several of his incompetent appointees are more than one of those. That means that those of us who are not Christian will be forced to abide by religious doctrine couched as public policy and hidden in Bozo-in-Chief Donald ‘I Thought It Would Be Easier’ Trump’s excuse for governing, his executive orders, which we do not get to amend or to which we do not subscribe, and that will impart social value restrictions on women and people with disabilities and/or pre-existing conditions, with which we do not agree.

As a retiree on fixed income, I expect my money to disappear into the coffers of greedy Wall Street bankers, as it did in 2008, and I expect my daughters to have a more difficult time finding the woman’s health care they need since ‘health policy’ means Old White Guys sitting around a table laughing and telling locker room jokes while telling women that they really need to go back to being bread- and baby-making machines.

And, of course, this is only pre-birth concern. Once a child is born, well, she’s now a drain on the job-creaters in the country, so we have no love for them at all.

This guy and his henchmen disgust me.

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