No need to be sorry, Don, even though this was ACTUALLY A DRAWING MADE BY A CHILD and not doctored…
Allan Ishac

We are only 70-some days into a 4-year reign by this incompetent president and his billionaire incompetent appointees. I wonder at what point his not-so-billionaire followers — those who voted him into office — will begin to understand that he is not their friend.

And then, of course, there is the mainstream media. Their millionaire owners are unsure just what to do with this childish president. Do they call it like they see it? (Can they even “see it” anymore?) If they do, they run the very real risk of getting a series of early-morning tweets sent from our child-president as he throws another tantrum because SOMEBODY DOESN’T LIKE ME, DADDY!

Do they make their reports duly report everything he says? Even without evidence? Things like “Trump, Citing No Evidence, Suggests Susan Rice Committed Crime” would probably normally not be given the ink it takes to put the headline and article in print. But they, like their followers but for different reasons, salivate over everything Child President says. Evidence? Who needs it? Truth? Hey! It might be true…well, maybe some of it.

Do they just ignore these outbursts? Can’t do that, now can we? They know their competition will put the thing on their own front page above the fold, so they better do it or they might lose a reader or four. And readers equate to advertisers, right?

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