Our Top-Down Congress
James M. Curry

What amazes me about this — confounds me, really — is something we have all known. The GOP has railed against universal health care for seven years, vociferously and aggressively, yet they have nothing to show for it except for this one epic failure.

One might think that Very Important People would have been working on this project for the seven years they did not have control of the entire government, and of course, one would be mistaken. This centralization of power within our three branches of government — now made whole with the recent appointment of a very young, very conservative Associate Justice to the Supreme Court — has not worked to grease the wheels of it.

Rather, as our chaotic, toxic partisan political system has become more toxic, more partisan, and more reliant on billionaire donors to fund multimillion dollar campaigns that start right after one election, it has become less functional and more focused on personal partisan issues. No longer is any party “united” in anything but name. No longer is the welfare of their constituents the primary concern.

Our elected representatives are beholden to the über-rich Donor Class whose members are only interested in their own enrichment. Our current president exemplifies those ideals more publicly than any other elected official. And our country is in dire straits because nobody in appointed, Senate-approved government is looking out for us.

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