wow….how the hell did this case passed through the media and didnt become a huge international…
Marcelo Meinberg

Security measures are inconvenient and can be dangerous. The same “security concerns” the government has makes you take off those shoes, open your computer bag, and walk through a full-body scanner. They do it with the Fear Factor as reason — if you fail to comply with our extremist measures, you might be THE TERRORIST!!

What they do not tell you is that those procedures have discovered rare, if any, terrorists…and more likely, the procedures themselves fail when tested by undercover agents of their own agencies.

It’s pretty much all window dressing. The circumstances that led to the September 11, 2001, attacks are unlikely to be repeated; the bad guys know we’re testing for those, so they are planning on others.

And that sentence, right there, might just land me in hot water because there is no real security.

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