A fairy story

It was a cold December evening. It could as well be the night before Christmas, who could tell? No sounds were heard in the forest except for the crackling of a small fire. Snowflakes were fluttering down ever so softly and painting the landscape immaculately white. Four elves huddled together, shivering from the cold, around the small fire, trying to get warm. An old goblin was pouring steaming hot chocolate in to fairy mugs. He secretly poured the tiniest bit of rum in each of the mugs with the chocolate. There was not much left of the old rum. His father made that stuff some ages ago. It was well kept during those ages, in large wooden kegs. It was the kind of stuff even the Ice Queen would melt from, kicking and screaming. Funny thing. Nobody ever thought about that earlier.

The goblin passed the mugs with hot chocolate and the secretly added rum around to the still shivering elves, who accepted the warm beverage gratefully. The steam of the hot drinks mingled with the smoke of the wood fire and went up to the treetops. The elves drank in silence. The goblin had a mug for himself, only the amount of rum he added was significantly more than what he gave the elves. He felt the warmth of the rum already in his stomach and he was sure the colour of his cheeks was once again a rosy red.

The elves became somewhat alive again, not shivering anymore and softly speaking among each other. Now and then looking at the goblin to see what he was doing. One of the elves began to giggle and soon the other elves joined him. Or her. That is never been obvious to say if an elf is a him or a her. It is not even clear how old an elf could be, when you meet one of them, either. Even meeting one is a rare occasion and when one does meet an elf, one does not ask about the age nor the persuasion of said creature. It is simply not polite.

The elves were warmed up again and still giggling softly. They waved a hearty goodbye and thank you to the goblin. He waved back, but was a bit unsteady from the rum and he fell backwards on the forest floor with a soft thud. He started giggling as well.

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