Falling in love

Oh, to fall in love… What a marvellous thing it must be to fall in love. How many of the greatest writers the world knows, hasn’t put pen to paper to write about falling in love? Rubino Madestodore was daydreaming again. And thinking about the thing we men are thinking about, at some point in our life. Falling in love isn’t easy and at the same time, it is way too easy to fall in love.

Even last afternoon Rubino was walking in the town center and a beautiful lady came walking towards him, or rather , was walking in the other direction. And what a sunny painting she was. Clothed in the nicest garments, legs with no end to them and would make a bishop kick his painted glass windows in. Her eyes were the darkest of colour and she had a smile on her face that would melt the polar ice packs even harder. And Rubino knew at that moment that he was falling in love. Can you imagine falling in love with a woman you have never met and only saw walking towards you? In a matter of seconds, she was gone of course. Ridiculous as well, to fall in love with a woman you have never even spoken to. Or is it?

Ha, to fall in love. What pleasure it should be to fall in love. Could one fall in love with something instead of someone? Should it be a woman to fall in love with? Falling in love. What is that anyway? Should I be falling? Like on the ground or something? I have love, should I give it to them? Should I keel over in love? Is that something one falls into? Like in a bath? Fall into something? Where does it say to be falling in love is something you have to do. Like a sort of action? Isn’t it a kind of a feeling that comes over you and you let it gladly embrace you like a warm blanket so you can huddle in it with a cup of tea or coffee? Enjoying it like nothing else should do the trick. It’s not about some sort of action, but an emotion that catches up with you and you can’t escape it. Eventually falling in it, head over heels and there is nothing you can do about it.

Falling in love. Can’t wait to fall.

Rubino Madestodore put on his coat again for a stroll through the town centre. Maybe she was there. Walking towards him.

Rubino was ready to fall again.

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