Review of week 4

Review of week 4
It has been a difficult week. I had to travel by train and bus, for the first time in years. Just to get to work. My car had to break down and was taken care of by the car doctors. And my lovely wife was in need of her own car, so circumstances did leave me no choice. Travelling by public transport. Haven’t done it in years. A whole new experience. Walking to the platform, people busying by, like the veteran traveller that they were. I felt like that kid, travelling for the first alone by train. Not really sure what to do, how to check in before boarding the train. Where to stand and what one was supposed to do when standing on the platform, waiting for the train to come. Hands in pocket or not? Bag between your legs, or not? Train arriving, screeching to a loud halt. Certainly waking one up in a hurry. People boarding the train, first waiting for the people getting off the train. Young people getting in first, laughing. Older people boarding, slowly. Finding a seat was easy, bag between my legs. Train is moving. And seven minutes I was where I should get off the train. No worries. Walking from the station to work is a brisk fifteen minutes walk.
When work was done, I was advised to take the bus. That was way easier. A small bus. Doors open, getting in the bus, greeting the bus driver. Checking in with my business travel card — beep — finding a seat. The bus ride took about about twenty minutes, arriving at the train station of my village. Walking home in five minutes. Home. Coffee.

The car was having trouble with the diesel, that was getting flaky because of the cold. For several weeks it temperatures were getting below zero. And when the flakes get through the filters and into the engine, well, the engine would turn on, but did not want to keep running. I had to start the car between 8–12 times before it would keep running. So that was not good and just awkward. The garage wasn’t sure, had to check several things, maybe the filters were clogged, or the fuel feed pump was faulty. Anyway, short story, I had to leave it with the garage and I was promised a call when the promised was solved and I could collect my car again. Well, six days later I got the promised call and I could come and collect the car. Next day, after a freezing night, Car had the same problem. Had to make another appointment for a new visit to the garage. This is going to cost me a bundle. Not nice.

On Thursday I had an appointment with the pain clinic and an anesthetist. I was getting tired of the killing headaches. After two years, maybe there are new insights in treating pains like these. New medication, or blocking nerves that’s causing the pains. Anyway, this was the first appointments where a lot of questions are asked and words are typed in the computer. In two weeks, we made another appointment and will be given a treatment plan, or several plans to choose from. We’ll see what it will be and decide what to do best.

That was my week in a few words. Hope to see you next week. And if you liked this story (part of the 52 week challenge) click on the hart thingy and let me know.