Starting Your Developer Career, Passionate About Podcasts and Ready to Learn? Check Out This Curated List of 10 Great Shows for Developers

Dennis Basyrov
Sep 16 · 7 min read

In 2019 it looks like everybody around you listens to podcasts. True crime podcasts are everywhere, a plethora of nonfiction gems appearing every single week and this is only the beginning. So you can find multiple satisfactory/meaningful ways to edutain yourself during your morning commute (the best place for fulfilling listening).

Fortunately there are a lot of podcasts that can help you to become a better developer. Especially if you are just starting your career and excited about upcoming possibilities. Podcasts help programmers to keep abreast of the latest industry trends, explore career possibilities, be familiar with best community representatives and learn new technologies. For newbies this is also a great possibility to learn something new, diversify learning and connect with other developers.

Usually software engineering podcasts cover programming languages, best practices in software development, tips on freelancing, the business side of processes and other useful topics for thirsty listeners. Finding a great developer podcast isn’t as easy as it used to be. There are literally hundreds these days, with new shows starting every week and old ones giving their final farewell. With all of these options, it feels almost impossible to know where to start. That’s why I curated this list and put together my favorite podcasts. The core topics revolve around language specifics, interviews, and how to deal with a different set of challenges.

Learn To Code With Me

Hosted by Laurence Bradford, ‘Learn To Code With Me’ is an entertaining and 100% accessible show that covers technical topics and everything “need to know” for the junior developer. A few words about Laurence Bradford. She taught herself to code several years ago and started podcast to help other beginners.

Where to start:

What is a hackathon and how do you prepare for one with Gwendolyn Faraday

How to use personal branding to land a job in tech with Marie Armstrong

JavaScript Jabber

This podcast is perfect for those who want dive deep into JavaScript. Basically this is required listening (no jokes). Each episode features a new guest and a new topic, different JavaScript frameworks, programming practices, career tips, with a focus on both the front- and back-end. The show does presume some knowledge of JavaScript, but it’s still friendly to junior developers.

I’ve learned a lot listening to this podcast. It is easy to follow, engaging and informative. I’ll definitely continue listening to this podcast and would definitely recommend it to anyone’s interested in what’s going on in JavaScript.

Where to start:

Functional Programming with Brian Lonsdorf

Talk Python to Me

“Talk Python to Me” is a weekly podcast hosted by Michael Kennedy. The show covers a wide array of Python topics as well as many related topics (e.g. MongoDB, AngularJS, DevOps). If you just taking an interest in Python or are an experienced developer, this podcast seems to cater equally well to both types. Consistently engaging and interesting topics really help you to stay connected to what is going on in the Python world.

Usually I listen this podcast whenever I ride my bike and am tired of the music. I learned so much from this podcast about the industry itself.

Where to start:

Fun and Easy 2D Games with Python

Modern Python Standard Library Cookbook

The Changelog

If you’re interested in in-depth interviews with some of the leading minds in development, Adam Stacoviak and Jerod Santo’s weekly podcast, which dates all the way back to 2009, is for you. With a focus on open source technologies, hosts interview guests including Software Engineers, hackers, and innovators. All programming languages and platforms are covered, including Ruby, node.js, JavaScript and CSS, as well as tools like Git.

For me, this is a great show about a wide variety of topics in the open source scene. The production quality is top notch and the interviews are really good.

Where to start:

Modern software is built on APIs

Go is eating the world of software

Shoptalk Show

Billed as an “internet radio show about the internet,” Dave Rupert and Chris Coyier’s venerable podcast is especially encouraged for Front-End Developers.

As a newbie developer, I really appreciate Chris and Dave’s ability and inclination to simplify complex topics to make them more understandable. I listen in every week and if you’re interested in staying up to date with the latest and greatest front end dev trends, you should listen too. Also, you can visit their website for cool jobs! Also I would like to mention: great soundboard! They’re always experimenting with the format to make the show better so as a listener, there’s always something new.

Where to start:

React Courses with Tyler McGinnis

Sacha Greif and the State of CSS


CodeNewbie is both a community of programmers and people learning to code and a podcast. CodeNewbie offers something for everyone. The podcast profiles a different guest each week. Each episode provides helpful advice on how to become a programmer. Recent episodes focus on when to start freelancing, how to learn design, and how to level up your coding skills.

Where to start:

Why you should read the new edition of the Pragmatic Programmer Andy Hunt and Dave Thomas

Software Engineering Daily

Covering software from every angle, the Software Engineering Daily podcast discusses topics like augmented reality platforms, UI engineering, and technical investing.

Many episodes explore a single software or tech niche. Others look at broader topics like how to negotiate a salary or the gig economy. With new episodes every weekday, Software Engineering Daily fuels podcast junkies who can’t get enough content.

Where to start:

Cloud-Native Applications with Cornelia Davis

PlayStation Engineering with Tony Godar

Developer Tea

A short-and-sweet podcast for busy developers and those who prefer bite-sized content. In short, the podcast covers topics like pair programming , career development, and the soft skills necessary to navigate the waters of the workplace. Beginners also benefit from interviews with industry specialists, tips on networking and finding clients, and job interview advice.

Jon does a fantastic job keeping a new episode coming three times a week. I don’t think he has ever missed a day, even when he’s sick. Developer Tea is one of the first Podcasts I have ever listened to. I could without a doubt say it was what got me started on podcasts. It’s a very well done show and I would recommend giving it a listen.

Where to start:

The Dangerous Characteristics of 10x Engineers

3 Assumptions That Can Hurt Your Job Search

Soft Skills Engineering

This podcast is surprisingly funny and surprisingly solid! Whether you like it or not, the best software engineers need skills that go well beyond their technical expertise. Creating great products virtually always requires working cross-functionally with other individuals/teams and that introduces human dynamics that can be tricky to navigate. Mastering skills such as listening, improving team productivity, managing micromanagers, and exchanging performance feedback will certainly go a long ways to help a good engineer become great!

Where to start:

How to move from web development into other software engineering roles and dealing with slow code review processes

Self-snooping and work from home jeopardy

Darknet Diaries

Story driven podcast that dives into the “dark” side of tech. Jack delivers a great insight into data breaches, hacks and other malicious actors and actions of the cyber space. It is a great little gem of a podcast that I discovered fairly recently.

With a A+ production value this podcast impresses me with very well researched stories and thrilling flow. Frankly speaking I’m not a fan of true crime stories, but this hits me. This show is an awesome keyhole into the cybersecurity world, the threats and problems out there.

Where to start:

XBOX Underground (Part 1)


I recommend you subscribe to few coding-related podcasts and work them into your routine. As you know, improving your tech and soft starts with your mindset. There’s something for everyone! So tune in to the wisdom, tune out the noise, and get ready to boost your career this year.

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