A mysterious Moonbeard case

John WAXson was a legendary detective, he investigated so many cases and never failed a single one. Even stolen cryptokitty was not a big deal for him but this one turned out to be a complete drama.

$WAXon got a call about midnight from a stranger, he was complaining about roisterous discussion going on next to his apartment. He mumbled something about moon, dragons, serpents and arcane. At first, John assumed it was zoologist or astronaut, or space zoologist, unfortunately he was wrong. Twenty minutes later the victim made an emergency call and our detective was on his way to crime scene.

John was not very concentrated that day, but he could not ignore ★ Karambit | Gamma Doppler (Factory New). ★ Covert Knife sticking out of victim`s pocket. “My name is Kieran”-he whispered. Inspector could not kill off question in his mind. (Where did he get 3,405$???) He asked him and got that answer: “I can not comment on price”. “Never mind”-he replied. Kieran begged him to swap places because he preffered hardline over mid. He explained to him that someone stole his precious Moonbeard and he could not trace that scammer.This conversation was driving WAXON crazy, he was about to leave but suddenly Kieran started to write strange numbers on a sheet of paper.

Strange numbers on Kieran´s sheet

At first sight he thought this was some kind of code. He knew every code on this planet but this one was not like others. John grabbed this evidence and Kieran offered him a cup of tea. Just an ordinary white mug would not draw his attention if only it did not have inscription carved on it: Easy skins easy money

OPSkins mug?
“Who are these guys?”- he asked himself. He was pretty sure they were hunters. Bounty hunters? Vegetable hunters? More and more questions gradually appeared in his head.

John agreed to help him find Moonbeard. Kieran did not provide him with any helpful info, except he gave him a phone number of a guy whose name was Marty. He said he would never unravel this puzzle without him.

Watson came home and he did not know what to do. “I am trying to find something I do not know what it looks like…” Moonbeard, it could be anything from Hollywood Movie to shampoo. He only had two evidence: OPSkins URL and strange sheet of paper with numbers.

He decided to examine deeply this strange website, John was stunned by the stuff he found there: pistols, shotguns, rifles and even skirts with sharks — black market in it’s finest, he figured it especially when he saw black background. “I could not be mistaken”.

A while ago he was scared to death, well, he did not know what is about to come next. Stranger texted him and promised to show where Moonbeard was, he desired to get ¡Dragon Lore!. John said that he was only familiar with bird lore and herbal lore but had never heard anything about Dragon Lore. He was surfing black market assuming he could find there Dragon Lore, then suddenly he noticed that there was a wrong URL in his browser:

John failure?

John Watson almost passed out, people had scammed him before but he had never thought that one digit or letter could possibly result in losing his money. While he was teasing his beard Marty texted him:

Well, should I mention that SOON ™ was quite a long time for Watson. He realized he got stuck and only a desperate waiting for info from Marty could make him happy again. All of a sudden a friend of mine advised John to get Moonbeard on eBay. He was right, John actually found Moonbeard and ordered it.

You can find anything on eBay

But the parcel did not arrive, he was running out of time, finally it came to his mind to buy Dragon Lore on OPSkins and trade it to the stranger. In a couple minutes he received a link to Moonbeard.


I bet you have two questions left unanswered I need to speak on:

  1. What did the digits on the first picture mean?
  2. Why did I call this story drama?

To begin with, I did an intense research and found this:


Kieran gave a hint to John by writing those digits, that is my assumption.

That was a drama for John because he payed an additional 250$ in fees and he could not trade and sell his Moonbeard to pay off Dragon Lore he bought.

You do not need to be a detective to find virtual item you need, John did not know about WAX but now imagine how things would turn out for him if he used WAX:

  1. He would not be phished
  2. He would receive his Moonbeard at a lightning speed(compared to eBay)
  3. He would not pay a gigantic fee for his purchase
  4. He would actually own and be able to trade Moonbeard

P.S. I was inspired to write this article by WAX team and particularly by John Brechisci, JR. :)

The persons and events in this article are fictious. Any similarity to actual persons or events is unintentional.