Seriously, What’s In That Food?

Deg Thai doing their thing in Nashville!

“I know that’s not good for me but I’m going to order it anyway.” This is a common refrain I hear as World War Health rages in my head while deciding what to order. But what if that dish wasn’t bad for me on a nutritional basis? A factual basis? Perceptions are a funny thing.

What comes to mind when you hear food truck? Perhaps you think: indulgent, wonderful taste, singularly-focused and fast with a good price. What about well-balanced, nutritional meal? Not as much, right?

Sorry for all of the questions, but we’ve found a true gem here in Nashville. DegThai food truck was introduced to me by one of our registered dietitians, Lindsey Joe RD, LDN. When Lindsey offered up the introduction to analyze their entire menu for nutritional status, I was at a crossroads. A core focus of NourishWise is to offer one or more nutritionally analyzed dishes for every restaurant partner of ours. But a food truck? How could there be anything healthy there? On the surface, it seemed a waste of time.

There’s that perception thing again — we assume all of the time, don’t we? What if we’re dead wrong?

We were absolutely blown away with what we found with DegThai. NourishWise does not aim to define healthy (yet). Moreover, we are working to identify well-balanced, nutritionally dense meals at local restaurants or food trucks, as this case may be. 100% of the dishes at DegThai fit our parameters for our desired ranges. Did you read that correctly? One hundred percent of the things you can eat at DegThai are NourishWise certified dishes!

This is exactly why our team is so excited about what we are building. Wouldn’t it be nice to remove all of the guesswork and guilt while dining out? This was another reminder of just how important the nutritional facts are and that you should never have to assume with nutrition or your health. This is exactly why we do what we do. Stay healthy!