Why Now?

So, why start now?

I know about as much about nutrition as I do physiology — i.e., not much. So why launch a startup in the nutrition space? Actually, my lack of expertise is exactly why NourishWise is my passion. I’m guessing I’m not the only one desperately scanning restaurant menus while World War Healthy rages in my head. I genuinely want to make a healthy choice, but I don’t have a clue about the nutritional breakdown of what I’m about to order. I’ve often wished I could just look up a restaurant and see my best options, or that I had a nutritionist sitting next to me who could point me in the right direction.

I know there’s a better way to take care of ourselves nutritionally, and I know a critical first step is being better informed when dining out. It’s something I need personally, and that would make an incredible difference in people’s lives both immediately and in the long run. That last part is pretty key.

The research is pretty clear: we already know that, as a nation, our diets are making us sick.

• 67 percent of the U.S. population is medically overweight or obese.

• Obesity accounts for a $260 billion liability which is 16% of total healthcare dollars spent annually.

• Americans consumed just 13% of their calories outside the home in 1978 vs. over 50% now.

Realistically, we’re not going to go back to preparing and eating all our meals ourselves, at home. But we can bridge the gap between knowing what we’re eating and guessing. NourishWise is committed to eliminating the nutritional confusion and stress that currently go hand-­in-­hand with ordering a meal if you’re also trying to live a healthy life. We’re passionate about creating a platform where expert nutritionists connect users with the most accurate nutritional details for Nashville’s local restaurants, so you can enjoy your choices with confidence (even if you didn’t spend four hours at the gym).