My story


My name is Dženeta and I’m the person who tries to find place or direction for myself, to improve my capabilities and use the capacities I believe I have. A few days ago I was reading some book about success someones life, in professional meaning, and then the author said that the most important thing to be happy and successful is finding something that you love to work and just follow that direction. Not that I don’t believe in that, but I’ve looked inside myself and couldn’t find something I really like to do, I mean especially love to do. One day it is one thing another day it is something another depending of my movement and daily situation. When I’m writing things on this way it may seems like quite depressive life or person, but I’m not. I’m quite happy young women with two great children and great husband, and peaceful life with of-course, from time to time some up and down stairs. Not that I don’t like to do the usual things I do for them, but I would like something more, something what will occupy my attention and push me to improve and improve myself every day, something that will be my profession and I will be the professional of it.
If this have any sense, and if someone had the same experience and succeed in finding way, please advise me and share your experience with me.
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